The reviews for Tiny Houses at CPH are in!

The play was reviewed very well! Which was wonderful to see… They said lots and lots of wonderful things about the production, but since you’re on my website- here are the parts that talk about me.

“Studly Peter Hargrave… develops a real and conflicted character whose dreams are bigger than his realities, whether it’s building a tiny house or raising free-range chickens.”

-Roy Berko,,

Peter Hargrave is charming and kind as Bodhi. He is loving, but also stubborn… Hargrave certainly is empathy worthy ,especially when he begins doubting himself and his choice to live the tiny lifestyle… What also feels authentic is Cath and Bodhi’s mutual adoration for each other… their fondness of each other was expressed through movements and loving gestures that conveyed a physical familiarity.”

-Gwedolyn Kochur,,

“Peter Hargrave is convincing as the easily distracted man/child who flits from passion to passion never resting for long in one place.”

-Mark Horning, Talkin’ Broadway,

“Bohdi is…. something. But his energy is infectious as he spouts quotes from Thoreau and catchy slogans… They’re real characters, in the loopy sense of the word, but are so well-crafted and well-played by members of the uniformly excellent ensemble, they can’t help but remind us, disturbingly in some cases, of people we know.”

-Andrea Simakis,,

“What is particularly good about this play and this production of it is the very clever comedy that is peppered throughout the script, the emotional tension generated by fine performances, and the creative direction by Laura Kepley that manages to make the actual building of the tiny house interesting but not the most interesting thing on the stage.”

-Bob Ableman, Cleveland Jewish News,

Peter Hargrave